Myrna's Mercury

A few months ago we decided Myrna needed a new car. Her Crown Vic was in great shape and had only 66,000 miles on it but it was 11 years old. She wanted another Crown Vic but Ford only sells them to fleet operators. We then looked at Mercury Grand Marquis because the local dealer had a folder on the 2010 models and the Grand Marquis is almost the same car as the Crown Vic. The salesman

told us this model was no longer made. Later we called Northern Ford in Cut Bank, MT to ask about a one year old Lincoln they had for sale. While talking to the salesman we ask about Mercury Grand Marquis and he said he could get one. We sent him some pictures of the Crown Vic and he made a trade in offer sight unseen. We ordered the Mercury. The new Mercury was much less than the year old Lincoln. The Mercury Grand Marquis are now only built to order so it took two months to get it. Cut Bank is near Glacier Park and almost 200 miles from here but the salesman delivered the car here and took the trade in back. The whole deal was made over the phone. Myrna got every thing she wanted in a car, heated leather seats, outside air temp readout, AM-FM radio CD & tape, air suspension, traction control, and many other bells&whistles

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